Products & Solutions


ZigBee® wireless communication
Wireless communication standard implementing multi-pop communication by mesh for which ZigBee® Alliance sets the standard
ZigBee® Tag Solution
Managing the location of people and objects using ZigBee® wireless and wireless LAN
ZigBee® communication checker
Communication status between two points of ZigBee® is scored in four levels of Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor. In addition, channels can be set by using a rotary switch.
ZigBee® communication environment evaluation tool
ZigBee® communication environment evaluation system is a support tool to evaluate the wireless communication environment and communication performance at the actual site in the design stage of a ZigBee® system or other product.

Power line communication (PLC)

Power line communication environment evaluation software
Power line communication (PLC) is an epoch-making communication technology that allows communication using existing power lines without the need for new wiring.


Ruby technology
Making the best use of Java assets, using RJB (Ruby Java Bridge), and JRuby

Touch Tag

Electric field communication (BAN :Body Area Network) Touch Tag® starter kit
This kit lets you experience electric field communication (BAN:Body Area Network). The tag you are carrying, the electrode you touch, and the reader/writer communicate using the electric field around you as the medium. Data can be read from or written to the tag you are carrying via a personal computer.
Electric field communication (BAN :Body Area Network) Touch Tag ® hands-free authentication system
Ad-Sol Nissin's hands-free authentication combining electric field communication (BAN:Body Area Network) Touch Tag®, LF wireless communication, and ZigBee®


Energy monitoring system
Visualizing collection and environment of sensor information by freely locating ZigBee® wireless sensor terminals