Corporate History

September 2016 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Stock code: 3837)
February 2016 Established a R&D subsidiary "Adsol-Nissin San Jose R&D Center, Inc." in San Jose, USA
February 2016 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Stock code: 3837)
October 2015 Concluded a general sales agency contract of security solution "LynxSECURE" in Japan with US Lynx Software Technologies, Inc.
March 2015 Formed a business tie-up with Brain Works Co., Ltd.
August 2014 Formed a business and capital tie-up with Japan Process Development Co., Ltd.
June 2013 Started business collaboration with Vietnam Individual Systems Co., Ltd.
August 2012 Participated in Japan Smart Community Alliance (JSCA)
August 2012 Made a capital participation in China Weavesoft Ltd. to contract business partnership
April 2012 Participated in Ruby Association
January 2012 Participated in Smart Japan Alliance as a founding member
December 2011 Participated in Echo-net Consortium
November 2011 Tap type power sensor terminal received certification for ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 1.1
September 2011 Started sales of hands-free authentication system "Air Gate Eye"
August 2011 Developed ZigBee/PLC hybrid terminal
August 2011 Transferred the Kansai Office to the current location (Kita Ward, Osaka City)
December 2010 Co-developed the air-conditioning and illumination control system with mobile phone IR channel
September 2010 Designated as a founding member of the Advanced IT Consortium to Evaluate, Apply and Drive
August 2010 Participated in the Fukuoka Smart House Consortium
June 2010 Co-developed the next generation security system with automated detection
November 2009 Started sales of the output integrated solution "APTOS"
November 2009 Started sales of the MRI Check Room Entry/Exit Control System
May 2009 "Gratto Shut" was approved as one of the Recommended Fire Prevention IT Systems
October 2008 Started sales of the power shutdown system "Gratto Shut", which won the Good Design Award 2008
October 2008 Started sales of ZigBee wireless communication unit
September 2008 Started supplying the free mash-up tool "WebShell"
September 2008 Transferred the Sendai Development Center to the current location
March 2008 Acquired ISO 27001 certification for the information security management system
November 2007 Started trial sales of the touch-tag starter kit
June 2007 ZigBee communication unit was certified to meet ZigBee2006 specification
February 2007 Listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange (currently the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. JASDAQ Standard) (Listed code: 3837)
September 2006 Joined the ZigBee Alliance and participated in ZigBee SIG Japan in October of the same year
October 2005 Started business collaboration with China National Software and Service Co., Ltd.
May 2005 Acquired the Privacy Mark (JIS 15001)
February 2004 Acquired ISO 14001 certification for the environmental management system
November 2003 Changed the company name to Ad-Sol Nissin and transferred the Head office to the current location (Minato Ward, Tokyo)
January 2003 Acquired ISO 9001 certification for the quality management system
June 2002 Participated in an experiment for Web service connection using NewsML at the XML Consortium
November 2000 Won the award "company friendly to male and female workers" from Tokyo Metropolitan Government
February 2000 Started sales of BlueCatLinux
November 1995 Received an order for a production control system from a petrochemical company
August 1995 Received an order for a sales management system from the manufacturing industry
November 1991 Concluded an operating system sales contract with Lynx (currently Lynx Software Technologies, Inc.) in the USA
July 1990 Opened the Sendai office (currently the Sendai Development Center) in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
July 1988 Delivered a facsimile communication system to a trading house
November 1986 Opened the Fukuoka office (currently the Kyushu Office) in Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City
September 1984 Started the development of a super mini-computer operating system
October 1983 Completed and delivered large-scale communications system to airlines and trading houses
April 1982 Delivered international message exchange system to Kuwait; concluded four-year warranty contract
October 1980 Delivered telegraph system to China
April 1979 Delivered international message exchange system to Singapore
March 1976 Established as Nissin Software in Taito Ward, Tokyo; at the same time, opened the Osaka office (currently Kansai Office)