Major Operations

This company, as an independent system development business, engages in the development of information systems for businesses and the public sphere centered on social systems, as well as the provision, commercialization and sales of solutions.

Since our establishment, we have accumulated over a long period of time know-how that supports our customers' distinctive work and provided solutions centered on characteristic core technologies one after another, while working on configuring many social infrastructure systems. We have also constructed business infrastructure as an information and communications technology company in areas including rail, roads, telecommunications and finance. Specifically, our company's know-how and technology are used in a wide range of fields of social infrastructure closely related to living, from companies' core systems to control systems for such public transportation as rail and roads, such energy lifelines as gas and power generation, wide area disaster preparedness, medical networks and financial services. At the same time, we are developing new technologies to help achieve a ubiquitous computing society and creating new products. In the future, new information and communications technology demand is anticipated in new business areas with the keywords smart grid, smart house, big data, M2M, cloud and the graying society (medical treatment and caregiving).

Business characteristics


Social systems business

We are developing, as a comprehensive solution, social infrastructure companies' core systems, and the infrastructure of energy, rail, aviation, next generation communications, plants and geographical information, as well as device controls for industrial machinery and tools.

Ubiquitous computing business

We are deploying proposals for the development of embedded technologies that integrate know-how based on operating system technology; joint development based on strategic and core technologies and know-how in various fields including energy, environment medical-treatment, caregiving, energy, management and other systems; and smart solutions that support the creation and configuration of new business models.

Financial systems business

We are developing new open financial network solutions for financial institutions including banking, Internet banking, trust banks, sales on credit and life and nonlife insurance.


Offering a one-stop solution to match the information system life cycle

We offer service solutions that integrate everything from consulting to maintenance to match the special characteristics of our customers' businesses as well as the information system life cycle.

Service details of our one-stop solution

  • Consulting --
    We extract and analyze our customers' management issues to help solve them.
  • Planning and proposing --
    We consider the optimal plan to resolve an issue and propose it to our customers.
  • Defining important matters --
    In cooperation with our customers, we clarify which functions to implement in the systems we configure.
  • Development --
    We carry out development work we are entrusted with, both internally and through outsourcing.
  • Operational support and education --
    So our customers can comfortably use the systems we deliver, we help prepare a proper environment and teach implementation.
  • Maintenance and operation support --
    So customers can use the systems we deliver with peace of mind, we provide assistance on their operation.

On new markets and fields

There is demand from our customers for comprehensive proposals that link the three businesses, based on our strongest core solutions.

With projects becoming more advanced, diversified and hurried as changes in the environment and needs become more intense, to configure the optimal solution for our customers, it becomes ever more important to optimally combine hardware and software through project consultation and to visualize project management.

As for project consulting

Certified project management professionals work toward the visualization of project management using the multifunction, distributed AdsolDP development Platform and the AdsolDR document recommender, making the most of the characteristics of cloud computing solutions.

Also, by having customers use Microsoft Project Cloud Power, customer project management costs are dramatically reduced, not only by curtailing server installation and operation costs and strengthening security through user authentication and monitoring, but also by making fast implementation possible.

As a systems integrator

We sell software (including real-time operating systems, embedded technology operating systems and various middleware) and hardware products (including industrial use personal computers and various devices), and related to these sales, as a service that meets customer needs, we also provide in special areas OS kernel technology and device driver development technology.

Near-shore and offshore distributed development locations

The conventional distributed development work we do at near-shore and offshore locations was deployed mainly for businesses outside the finance field, but recently, near-shore and offshore development has begun to be requested by end users in projects and work areas thought to be difficult for distributed development.

To respond to this kind of change, our company is working to strengthen and expand partnerships with companies in Japan and abroad and increase our proportion of outsourced work through near-shoring and offshoring.


Achieving high quality and low costs through visualization

Offering project management consultation