ZigBee® Tag Solution

Management of location of people and objects by ZigBee® wireless communication

Operations and location areas are detected using ZigBee® tags.



  • Batch management of people, objects, and environment
  • Built-in three-axis acceleration sensor


Managing the location of people and United States objects using ZigBee® wireless and LAN

Batch management of people, objects, and environment

Information used

  • Three-axis acceleration sensor is incorporated. Locations of people and objects can be managed and objects that have fallen or been taken away can be detected.
  • Various sensor terminals can be added for temperature, humidity, luminance, motion, and current.

High usability

  • Small tag convenient for carrying
  • Network wiring installation is not necessary because the repeater base station is wireless.
  • Tag is a power-saving design that can operate for several months to several years with a coin-type lithium battery.
    * Depending on the communication cycle
  • Position information extending from one floor to another can be managed because two or more networks can be uniformly managed.

Applicable scenes

  • Location management of factories and warehouses in a crisis, and detection of an object that has fallen or been removed
  • Area management of people in a factory, office, hospital, or warehouse
Basic system configuration


ZigBee Coordinator (Ethernet I/F)

・ Terminal type: ZigBee® coordinator
・ External interface: Ethernet (RJ-45 connector)
・ Supply voltage: DC 5 V
・ Dimensions: 145 × 35 × 110 mm

ZigBee Router(outlet plug-in type)

・ Terminal type: ZigBee® router
・ Supply voltage: AC 100 V (outlet plug-in type)
・ Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 27 mm (except outlet blades)

Acceleration sensor tag

・ Terminal type: IEEE 802.15.4
・ Supply voltage: Lithium coin battery (CR2032)
・ Dimensions: 27 x 53 x 7.3 mm

Message from person in charge

With the ZigBee® tag, areas with people and objects can be managed. Customization, such as the addition of a shape for the tag and external I/F, is supported.
Ad-Sol Nissin can supply high-end applications and terminals. The tag is used for the area management of people and equipment in hospitals and warehouses representing a solution that will be increasingly necessary in the future. Customization with the addition of a tag shape and external I/F is also supported.
For details, consult Ad-Sol Nissin.


hands-free, hospital, position information management, small tag, Three-axis acceleration sensor, ZigBee®