ZigBee® communication environment evaluation tool

Evaluates the communication environment of ZigBee® in advance for smooth introduction.

The tool can evaluate the communication environment of ZigBee® in advance



  • This system alone can evaluate the communication performance of ZigBee® at an actual site.
  • Real-time display on a ZigBee® network terminal of network configuration such as router end device
  • Executes a communication test on the overall network at communication intervals, data length, and communication frequency suitable for an application (P2P test). Simulates evaluation of the application system.
  • Evaluates reception sensitivity, error rate, throughput, and battery life through communication in the actual environment.
  • Test result logging function for displaying the results of long-time environment evaluation and log information in graph, item by item and during each test


ZigBee® communication environment evaluation system is a support tool to evaluate the wireless communication environment and communication performance at the actual site in the design stage of a ZigBee® system or other product.

Solution overview


Why is a wireless communication environment evaluation necessary?

Wireless communication, such as with ZigBee®, is affected by external factors such as the environment. To prevent the problems of being unable to communicate when the system starts operating, it is very important to evaluate and check the communication environment in the actual location when the system is designed and created.


  • Graphical display of network configuration
  • Real-time updating of survival status of terminal
  • Causes of problems can be predicted because evaluation is based on reception sensitivity, throughput, and error rate.
  • Log function recording evaluation and displaying graphs at a given time
  • Battery-driven terminal with battery life prediction function

Major functions

  • Display of node connection status
  • Display of throughput, IEEE extension address, frequency of error, short address, and reception sensitivity
  • Change of transmission output
  • Selection of device type
  • Channel setting
  • Long-term logging and displaying graphs of information


・ Wireless environment performance evaluation before the introduction of ZigBee®/IEEE 802.15.4 product
・ Local communication environment evaluation before ZigBee® system design
・ Classification and identification where connection is poor when ZigBee® system is installed
・ Searching and determining the location best-suited for the ZigBee® terminal

Major specifications

* The specifications are subject to change without notice.


Model name: ES806R077
Recommended operating environment CPU: Intel® Celeron® 1.00 GHz or above or equivalent CPU
Memory: 512 MB
Hard disc: 1 MB
OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP (SP2) or Microsoft® Windows® 2000
Graphics: 1024 x 768 pixels min.
Performance: Memory used 25 MB maximum, 2.5 MB minimum
Maximum log file size: Not limited (depends on vacant capacity of HDD and Windows ® specifications)
Maximum logging time: 30 days
Number of terminals connectable: 11 typ., 21 max.
Major functions: Basic display function network configuration, reception sensitivity (LQI), throughput (Kbps), error rate (%), device type, transmission output (dBm), short address, IEEE extension address, battery life (battery-driven terminal only), etc.
Graph display function: Graphs can also be displayed from a log file.

Standard package

* The contents of the package are subject to change without notice.

・ ZigBee® evaluation terminals (Renesas's communication device is used.) ----- 11
・ ZigBee® wireless environment evaluation software----- 1 CD-ROM
* Only files that operate and run on Windows® Vista/XP
・ User's Manual----- 1
(Note) License contract is necessary to use the software.
- Contract for permission to use this software product -
This software product is protected by Japanese laws governing copyrights and incorporeal property rights. This software product requires permission for use by Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation. Ad-Sol Nissin permits the use of this software product provided it is used non-exclusively and it is not transferred to a third party.


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Message from the person in charge

Ad-Sol Nissin not only develops ZigBee® systems but also offers communication environment evaluation tools necessary for actually using a ZigBee® system. By using these systems to evaluate the communication environment in advance, the cause of possible connection failures can be analyzed and corrective actions taken, so that communication problems that may occur after introduction of the system can be avoided.


2.4-GHz band, communication environment, error rate, IEEE 802.15.4, life battery, P2P test, reception sensitivity, throughput, wireless communication, ZigBee®