ZigBee® communication checker

Communication checkers can judge the communication status of ZigBee® on the spot



  • Easily used by anyone, anywhere.
  • Test time as short as two seconds
  • Easy-to-see results displayed in colors. Identified by LED indications on extension
  • An ideal installation location can be found while moving.
  • Channels can be set by using a rotary switch.


Communication status between two points of ZigBee® is scored in four levels of Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor. In addition, channels can be set by using a rotary switch.

The tool for construction is ideal for people who install wireless equipment in houses or other buildings.

Information used

This checks the environment for 2.4-GHz wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee®).
By turning on power to the main unit and extension, you can easily check whether the communication environment is good. This checker should be used to verify the communication environment when a ZigBee system is introduced so that the system can be installed in a stable communication environment. It can also be used to evaluate the environment while the mesh/hopping function of ZigBee is being used. *1

*1...A repeater (ZigBee® router) is separately used. Only one repeater is supported.

Product features

Easily used by anyone, anywhere.

-> The channel to be tested can be easily set up on the spot. The test can be conducted according to the purpose. In addition, because the checker operates on a battery, it can be used anywhere where there is no power outlet.

Test time of as short as two seconds

-> Communication check with the main unit will be completed in about two seconds, and the results will be indicated by the LED on the extension.

Easy-to-see results displayed in colors


Ideal installation location can be found while moving.

-> Communication checks with the main unit are automatically repeated over and over. By moving around while checking the LED indication on the extension, you can evaluate the

wireless environment in three-dimensions to find the ideal location for installation.

Channels can also be set by using a rotary switch.

Example of use

This tool checks the 2.4-GHz communication environment between two points in a short time. In an environment where the situation changes with time, therefore, there may be a difference between the communication environment where the system should actually be introduced and the results of the checker. Taking this into consideration, effectively use the checker. If it is necessary to evaluate a long-term communication environment, consider using Ad-Sol Nissin's ZigBee® communication environment evaluation system.

By increasing the number of measurement points and collecting the results of the environment investigation by this checker, the wireless environment level can be grasped by viewing the isobaric image shown below.
Determine the location to install equipment while checking the communication status in order to avoid unnecessary problems of installing the equipment where the wireless environment is poor.

* This module can be used anywhere in Japan because it uses a communication module approved by the Japanese Radio Law and Technology Union.

Major specifications

・ Model name: ES804R077
・ Supply voltage: DC 3.3 V (Type AA battery x 2)
・ Continuous operating time: Approx. 50 hours (with alkaline batteries)
・ Dimensions: 92 mm (H) x 66.5 mm (W) x 28 mm (D)
・ Weight: Approx. 80 g (without batteries)
・ Communication specifications: Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz, Output power: 2 mW, Communication rate: 250 kbps (physical layer), Protocol: IEEE 802.15.4

Message from the person in charge

This checker can easily verify the communication status of ZigBee® on the spot. Ad-Sol Nissin also uses this checker when proposing or introducing a system to customers.

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