Power line communication environment evaluation software

Suitable for supporting development of power line communication (PLC) system

Supports designing an ideal power line communication system by analyzing transmission path characteristics.



  • This software evaluates the communication environment for power line communication (NILLC: 400 Kbps) under the actual environment of indoor power lines.
  • It can measure the transmission path characteristics and communication status (such as whether communication is enabled, execution communication rate, and communication success rate) of a communication environment.
  • By analyzing the result of measuring transmission path characteristics over a long time, this software supports the design of the optimum system in consideration of trends in the communication environment that changes with time Obstacles gonflables.


Power line communication (PLC) is an epoch-making communication technology that allows communication using existing power lines without the need for new wiring.

Solution overview

Features/functions of power line communication evaluation software

  1. PLC nodes are installed in the actual environmentto get data of transmission path characteristics (such as noise status) and communication environment (such as SN ratio and throughput). A network of up to 32 PLC nodes can be tested with one terminal PC. /li>
  2. An actual operating system, such as a sensor network, can be accurately simulated by changing transmission parameters among multiple PLC nodes.
  3. Log information can be displayed in a graph, and the test results at the specified time can be checked.

By installing this software on multiple nodes (PLC board) and executing transmission/reception, the communication environment of a transmission path can be evaluated before installing the NILLC-applied product under development or developed at the site. In addition, by installing an application for analysis to a terminal PC (Windows), the PLC nodes can be manipulated, so that the evaluation result can be displayed, analyzed, and stored. Designing and investigation of products to which NILLC (*Non Interference Legacy Line Communication, PLC technology (400 kbps) developed by Renesas Technology) is applied is supported.

Supporting introduction of power line communication system

The transmission path characteristics of power lines depend on the operating status of the connected equipment and operation period (season) and fluctuate in a long cycle.
Power line communication (PLC) is an epoch-making communication technology that uses existing power lines for communication without the need for new wiring. On the other hand, however, the transmission path characteristics of power lines depend on the line type, topology, and equipment that exists on the power line, such as breakers, and may vary depending on the status of connected equipment (such as air conditioners and microwave ovens). Unless the influences of these are considered in the design stage of a power line communication system, troubles such as communication errors may occur after the system has been introduced.buy cheap spongebob bouncer

Major specifications *The specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Model name: ES705R063
  • CPU: Intel® Celeron® 1.00 GHz or above or equivalent CPU
  • Memory: 100 MB or more of vacant capacity

Recommended operating environment

  • Hard disc: 10 MB or more of vacant capacity (Log can be collected for one week if a capacity of +70 MB or so is available.)
  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP (SP2)
  • Graphics: 1024 x 768 pixels or more
  • Memory used: 25 MB max.


  • Log file size: Not limited (depends on vacant capacity of HDD and Windows® specifications)
  • Maximum logging time: about 7 days
  • Basic display function: Network configuration, SN ratio (dB), throughput (kbps), communication success rate (%), MAC address, aging graph, histogram, etc.

Major functions

  • Transmission parameter setting function: Primary modulation method, transmission frequency used, transmission data length, transmission interval, etc.
  • Input/output function: Test list, saving/reading of test result, saving test result log file
  • Analysis function: Graph display of movement average, etc.

Standard package

  • PLC node evaluation software (object format) ---- CD-ROM
  • Terminal PC evaluation software (supporting Windows XP) ---- CD-ROM
  • User's Manual ---- 1
  • Install Manual ---- 1

* Consult Ad-Sol Nissin for the operating environment of the PLC node evaluation software. (paid option)
* Ad-Sol Nissin also transplants the above software onto a customer-designed board upon request.
* The package contents are subject to change without notice.

Several points must be checked before using this product. For details, consult Ad-Sol Nissin.