Electric field communication (BAN :Body Area Network) Touch Tag ® hands-free authentication system

Individual authentication from natural behavior that does not require an ID card to be held over a reader

Individual authentication by stepping on a mat, passing through, sitting on a chair, and grasping a doorknobhalloween inflatables canada



  • The epoch-making authentication system makes it possible to authenticate individuals without holding a tag (card) over a reader
  • Authentication system using BAN that generates a modulated electric field around the human body and senses the modulation
  • Can be introduced to medical organizations, factories, and laboratories where individual authentication by card touch or biometrics has been difficult when you have your hands full or wear a mask and glovesinflatable water slide.


Ad-Sol Nissin's hands-free authentication combining electric field communication (BAN) Touch Tag®, LF wireless communication, and ZigBee®

Solution overview

Ad-Sol Nissin has realized hands-free authentication with electric field communication Touch Tag®.

    • With this technology, the human body serves as the communication line. Using a minute electric field generated on the surface of the human body, data can be communicated between the tag and electrode.

    • Individuals can be identified and authenticated without having to hold up a tag, but by natural behavior, such as touching, sitting, or stepping on an electric field communication reader electrode.

    • Even in an environment where it has been difficult to introduce a security system, such as where people wear dust-free garments (protective clothes) and gloves, a high-accuracy authentication system can be created.

    • Because the tag is a semi-active, low-power consumption design, it can operate more than three years on a button battery. * This is the value measured by Ad-Sol Nissin.

Hands-free authentication system monitoring center

By creating a network system that connects the controller and the dedicated server with a LAN, the status of all the controllers and the terminal devices under governance of the system is uniformly controlled by a dedicated application (monitoring center equipment).

Example of use

Office: Entrance/exit management

Type-T is recommended for entrance/exit management in an building.

Office: Ecology

Controlling light and air conditioning in accordance with the location of people

Apartment building: Preventing tailgating at entrances

Using cameras and sensors, prevent unauthorized persons from entering together with an authorized person

Factory: Process management

Identifying the position of workers for process checks

Entering factory premise (people and cars)

Passage detection at a location with heavy traffic. Passengers and direction can also be detected.

Medical safety management

Management of entry into restricted areas
Detecting location of doctors and nurses

Warehouse: Location management of people and commodities

Tag is attached to baggage to check location. It may also be attached to a person.

Message from the person in charge

Ad-Sol Nissin offers three types of hands-free authentication solutions: electric field communication (BAN) Touch Tag® for entry/exit authentication in a narrow area such as at a door, LF wireless tag for medium ranges such as at the entrance to an building, and ZigBee® tag for area management of people in relatively wide areas such as in a building. We select or combine solutions best suited to your requirements. For details, consult Ad-Sol Nissin.