President Tomizo Ueda

Since its foundation in March 1976, Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation has been developing business with an eye toward customer satisfaction and the development of an affluent society through the creation and supply of high value-added services. Under the motto “offering attractive proposals leading to customer satisfaction”, we create total services (system life cycle), system integration, and solutions for customers’ information systems.

Thanks to your patronage, Ad-Sol Nissin has earned a good reputation with a wide range of blue-chip firms (power/gas utilities, financial organizations, large manufacturers, communication carriers, and other fields).

For the coming age of ubiquitous networks, Ad-Sol Nissin develops embedded software platform technologies (real-time OS kernel technology, ZigBee® wireless communications technology, sensor network technology, and RFID tag solution technology) as ubiquitous solution businesses as its contribution to overhauling the social infrastructure of the ubiquitous network age and satisfying customers’ business needs. Trying to grow into an impressive company, Ad-Sol Nissin intends to offer the most advanced solutions as a real partner that customers can trust. Ad-Sol Nissin would be honored to cooperate with you.

Tomizo Ueda
Tomizo Ueda